1. Career Opportunities

Q: What license will I obtain after graduating from the program?

A: EASA CPL License (Frozen ATPL) with: 

  • Single-Engine Class Rating;
  • Multi-Engine Class Rating;
  • Instrument Rating (Single & Multi-Engine);
  • Multi-Crew Certificate. 

This license entitles you to apply with every European Airline (+ Airline operating in accordance with the EASA rules). During phase 2, you will also obtain an FAA (USA) PPL License.

Q: Do the EPC students obtain a Bachelor degree upon graduating?

A: The license is equivalent to a Bachelor degree (i.a.w. Codex Hoger Onderwijs).  

Q: Which support does EPC offer upon graduation?

A: As a member of the International Pilot Center Alliance (IPCA), all EPC students receive an extensive post-training service. See "Training Program".

Q: What is the current hiring rate for EPC students within less than 1 year after graduation?

A: 95%

Q: Which Airlines have hired EPC students? 

A: TUI Fly, FlyBe, TNT Airways, ASL, Aerodata,...

Q: What are the possibilities in becoming an EPC Flight Instructor after graduating?

A: The best candidates are eligible for an internal flight instructor training at EPC. 

2. About the program

Q: What are the starting dates for the Airline Career Program?

A: The Airline Career Program yearly has 3 starting dates in September, February and June (See Calendar).

Q: How can I enroll for the Airline Career Program?

A: Apply via the online form. After evaluation, EuroPilot Center will contact you for an intake, screening and medical application.

Q: How does the training schedule look like?

A: The Theoretical training schedule is fixed and every classroom session must be attended. The flight training schedule is drafted on a monthly basis with simulator and flight training sessions from Monday until Friday.

Q: Are theory and flight training integrated? 

A: Yes, students are scheduled for both theory and flight training as of day 1. The integration of both generates the very best results.

Q: What is the current pass rate for EPC students?

A: 97%

Q: When do the official theory exams take place?

A: The official theory exams are applied for upon succeeding the respective internal exam. The date is determined by the Belgian Civil Aviation Authorities.

Q: Why do the students build flying experience in California, USA?

A: The advantages performing part of  the training in CA are: outstanding weather conditions for flying, mountain flying experience, challenging destinations (such as LAX, Las Vegas, Catalina Island, Big Bear, Grand Canyon, etc.) complex airspace, improving ATC communication skills, no landing fees.

Q: What airplanes will I fly during my training?

A: You will fly an all glass cockpit fleet from day one: Cessna 172SP , Diamond DA42 (multi-engine), Cessna full-motion simulator, crosswind trainer, Boeing 737NG Simulator. 

Q: Is an Ipad required during my training?

A: Yes, the course material is provided through an iPad App. Also the use of electronic charts and flight preparation apps is required during training.

Q: What does the EPC uniform look like?

A: White pilot shirt with the EPC epaulettes, black tie, black suit pants and black dressed shoes.

3. Cost and Funding

Q: What is the cost of the Airline Career Program?

A:For an up to date cost overview, download the online brochure.

Q: What are the financing possibilities?

A: ING bank, partner of pilots, offers a cash facility for eligible students (case by case determination).

Q: When is payment of the course required?

Upon enrollment, an application fee of 5.000 EUR is due.

Payments during Phase 1 and 3 occur by installments of 5.000 EUR (Full-time ACP) or monthly installments of 1.500 EUR (Part-time ACP). A positive balance needs to be maintained throughout the training.

Payment of Phase 2 and 4 is required in full before departure.

4. Screening

Q: How can I enroll for the Airline Pilot Screening?

A: Apply via the online form. After evaluation, EuroPilot Center will contact you for an intake, screening and medical application.

Q: How does the Airline Pilot Screening look like?

A: The screening includes 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: Test maths, physics and English;
  • Phase 2: Psychological interview;
  • Phase 3: Simulator assessment.

Q: How can I prepare for the Airline Pilot Screening?

A: EuroPilot Center organizes free maths/physics prep courses on a regular basis, allowing you to prepare for the screening.

Enroll via the online form.

5. Medical

Q: How can I obtain a Medical Certificate? 

A: Apply via the online form. After evaluation, EuroPilot Center will contact you for an intake, screening and medical application.

Q: What happens if I get medical issues during my training?

A: A special insurance covers this risk.

Q: What is the cost of a Medical Class 1?

A: The initial Medical examination costs 370 EUR and is performed by the Expertisecentrum voor luchtvaartgeneeskunde in Brussels.