You want to become a Private Pilot!

You want to learn to fly an airplane and experience the ultimate freedom. Get your Private Pilot License (PPL-A) and fly to your favorite destinations with or without passengers.

The Program

Starting is easy:

  • Get your Theory Package for 1.199 EUR.
  • Schedule your First Simulator Session.
  • Schedule your first Training Flight.

The training program has two main parts:


Through our unique distance learning system, the theory training is not only efficient but most importantly, fun! The system combines home study and classroom sessions. Attending these sessions will help you to better understand the technical terms and principles, and are therefore a required part of the program. 

Classroom sessions are organized twice a year, with the first cycle starting in February and the second in September. There are 5 days per cycle (1 Saturday each month). See online calendar.

Each cycle ends with an internal exam to verify your level of knowledge. Thereafter, you will be endorsed for the official theory exam.

Flight Training

The flight training is scheduled simultaneously with the theory training. Through a unique combination of simulator and airplane sessions, you'll train in a more efficient way and you'll achieve your goals faster.

Training sessions are scheduled every month, based on your availabilities. This enables you to combine your new flying hobby with your job and family life.

You'll fly the latest glass cockpit Cessna airplanes, with integrated autopilot and leather interior.

During your first training sessions, you'll learn the basic principles of flight and you'll get to know everything about the airplane and cockpit. Quickly, you'll be able to take off and land, and you'll be ready for your first solo flight!

In the next phase, you'll fly cross country and visit different airports in Belgium and beyond. During the last training sessions, your instructor will prepare you for the practical exam.

Now you can call yourself a Private Pilot!

How can I start?

Call us to order your Theory Package: +32(0) or contact us via e-mail:

Training Cost

Download our brochure to obtain a detailed cost estimate:

Get your
Theory Package
The theory package contains the Online PPL course material, account on the Online Campus, all classroom sessions, instructor feedback and internal exam.
Your first
Simulator Session
Discover the full-motion simulator and learn the basic principles of flight. The ideal preparation for your first real flight!
Your first
Training Flight
Ready for the real stuff! Your instructor takes you in the air and you'll perform the first exercises previously learned in the Simulator. Ready for more!

An Exclusive Package

 The EPC Theory Package includes:

  • Online Theory Course
  • 5 classroom sessions

Get it now for 1.199 EUR.

PHASE 1 (min. 18h)
During this phase, you'll learn everything about the airplane and cockpit. You'll start with basic maneuvers: turns, climbs & descends. Gradually transferring to low-speed airwork, followed by those challenging Take-Offs and Landings!
PHASE 2 (min. 24h)
After your First Solo flight, you'll start navigating from your homebase Antwerp to different destinations in Belgium and beyond. You'll experience True Freedom!
PHASE 3 (min. 3h)
In the last phase, your Flight Instructor will prepare you for the practical exam. You'll get ready to demonstrate your skills and earn your first Pilot License! Now you can call yourself a Private Pilot!
Apr 2020
PPL-A Classroom Session (Nº 3)
09:00 - 13:00: Air Law & 14:00 - 17:00: Operational Procedures
May 2020
PPL-A Classroom Session (Nº 4)
09:00 - 12:00: General Navigation & 13:00 - 16:00: Radio Navigation
Jun 2020
PPL-A Classroom Session (Nº 5)
09:00 - 12:00: Flight Planning and Performance & 13:00 - 17:00: Human Performance and Limitations