The EPC Airline Career Program

The Airline Career program is open to candidates from 18 till 30 years old. This full-time Airline Pilot program takes 18 to 22 months for candidates to graduate with an EASA license and offers over 20% more experience than other training organizations. An intensive post-training service is part of the program. 

The number of candidates per academic year is limited which guarantees a personalized training and higher quality. This provides EPC alumni with a much higher recruitment success rate.

Phase 1 - Antwerp (4 - 6 months)

Start your training in Antwerp with several intensive full-motion simulator sessions learning the most important basic procedures. You'll be ready for your first real flight in no time. Advancing the throttle for the first time, makes you realize this is for real, "you're in control!" The training flights and simulator sessions are alternated with classroom sessions. By using the E-gle iPad App, you'll gain knowledge of the technical concepts and principles.

Fase 2 - California (6 weeks)

After some intensive months of training in Antwerp, you will take the first series of exams. Upon completion, you will travel to our Campus in California (SoCal Pilot Center). You will build flying experience in the most prestigious airspace worldwide and fly to famous destinations such as Los Angeles (LAX), Catalina Island, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Big Bear, etc. You will stay in the brand new SoCal Pilot Mansion together with your fellow students (private bedroom for each student). This training will bring your skills to a higher level preparing you for the next phase.

Phase 3 - Antwerp (10 months)

Back in Belgium you will expand your theoretical knowledge and continue your flight training on a multi-engine airplane. Afterwards you will start with Instrument Flying. This phase is completed with a series of intensive exams.

Phase 4 - Västerås (2 weeks)

You're almost there! During the last part of the program, you will train in a Boeing 737NG Simulator. During your 2 weeks stay in Västerås, you will learn to operate in a multi-crew environment and be subjected to multiple emergency procedures.

Post Training

As a member of the International Pilot Center Alliance (IPCA), all EPC students receive an extensive post-training service in order to support the student during job application and recruitment.

This service covers:

  • Identifying and facilitating job opportunities.
  • Partnerships and maintaining relationships with ASL Group, Brussels Airlines, JetairFly, TNT Airways, Aerodata, de Aviation Factory, etc.
  • Job interview training (CV, Motivation Letter, Social Media Profiling).
  • Drafting and sharing the Standardized Student Training Overview.
  • Liaison with HR departments of several Airlines.
  • Pre-type rating assessments and training.
  • Currency program: theory & simulator refreshers.