How To Preflight An Airplane
June 18, 2018
Kay Vereeken

The day that you haven’t done a proper walk around, will probably be the day you wish you did one!

In this tutorial I’ll explain you how to perform a Preflight Inspection including a "Standardized Workflow" as recommended by the manufacturer.

When spending a lot of time around airplanes, I frequently see people conducting a "quick" walk-around, not really checking the things they should.  (In some rare cases, I ‘ve even seen pilots not doing a walk around at all). 

My advice: "The day that you haven’t done a proper walk around, will probably be the day you wish you did one!"

Consistency is key, use a checklist!

In the Cessna POH, Section 4 which covers Normal Procedures, you will find a Preflight Inspection Checklist that will start you off inside the cabin and moves counterclockwise around the airplane. This is a great checklist but according to us a little "too condensed", so at EuroPilot Center we’ve created a more in depth checklist to help you better.

This video will demonstrate you every single step of this checklist with a clear explanation on what to do. 

Note that this checklist is for reference only and that the official Manufacturers checklist always has priority over this one.

Click HERE to download the customized the Preflight Inspection Checklist.

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Kay Vereeken
Kay started his Aviation Career at the age of 16 and did his first commercial flight at the age of 21. He worked for 3 different Airlines in Europe, flying the F50 and BAE146. Ten years and 8,000 flying hours later, he decided to dedicate his life to his ultimate passion: Professional Pilot Training. Together with his wife, he founded, EuroPilot Center (Antwerp) and SoCal Pilot Center (Southern California).