Radio 2 Interview: Start je dag
October 2, 2018
Kay Vereeken

"19 years old and becoming an Airline Pilot"

This morning, Instructor Koen Maes and Airline Career Candidate Arne Bonnemeijer were invited at "Radio 2" for a live interview. They answered a series of frequently asked questions about becoming an Airline Pilot.

19 Years old and becoming an Airline Pilot

ACP Candidate Arne, explains why he always wanted to become an Airline Pilot. How his glider pilot background triggered his enthusiasm even further and why he took the pre-entry screening and chose EuroPilot Center as his Flight School.

Starting 3 times a year

Instructor Koen explains that EuroPilot Center starts 3 times a year with an Airline Career Class (February, July and October) in order to keep the groups limited from 6 to 8 students. This ensures that every candidate receives the personalized approach EuroPilot Center is well known for.

An Investment

Instructor Koen explains the financial investment required, points out similarities with becoming a Medical Practitioner and clarifies the pre-entry screening guarantees the investment to be worthwhile. He also explains that student loans are now available for pilots through partnering banks, making it possible to achieve the dream of becoming an Airline Pilot.

Urban legends busted

Interviewer Dennis inquires about a series of urban legends, like having perfect eyesight, being strong at maths and physics etc.

What makes a good pilot

Instructor Koen explains what the characteristics of a "good" pilot are in terms of skills, personality and motivation.

Why combining Theory & Flight training from day one

Arne gives more details about his training schedule and is happy to say that his theory training will be combined with flight training as of day one.

Girl Power!

Koen explains that there are still more boys enrolling for the Airline Career Program, although that there is definitely a need for more women in the cockpit.

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Kay Vereeken
Kay started his Aviation Career at the age of 16 and did his first commercial flight at the age of 21. He worked for 3 different Airlines in Europe, flying the F50 and BAE146. Ten years and 8,000 flying hours later, he decided to dedicate his life to his ultimate passion: Professional Pilot Training. Together with his wife, he founded, EuroPilot Center (Antwerp) and SoCal Pilot Center (Southern California).